Partitioning Trims

Manufactured for use with single glazed systems, we stock partitioning trims ranging from glazing and end capping to head track and two part base systems, as well as round end post and partition reducing sections. Available in both white RAL 9010, 20% gloss polyester finish and chromate etch primer finish; we also stock extruded mill finish aluminium, which can be finished in a wide range of colours including RAL, BS and NCS – anodised or chemically brightened.

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type EVO

EVO-01, EVO-02, EVO-03, EVO-04, EVO-050, EVO-064, EVO-099, EVO-124

Type EVO are used as the framework for glass partitioning…

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type GL

GL1, GL2, GL3, GL4, GL5

Type GL are used to create single glazed systems and partition end capping.

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