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RIBA North East Regional Award winner

As a company, QIC Trims takes great pride in our role as a vital part of this transformative project. Collaborating closely with the city-council client and the esteemed architects, we have collectively delivered an inspiring new civic landmark and an innovative workplace. This development, located on the historic site of Sunderland's former Vaux Brewery, represents a bold and forward-thinking step towards the comprehensive regeneration of the city and the surrounding region.

Throughout the design process, our team at QIC Trims remained acutely aware of the physical and cultural context in which the project was situated. We were deeply committed to ensuring inclusivity and sustainability were woven into the fabric of the building, influencing its overall design and functionality.

One of the key elements that facilitates the building's efficient flow is the thoughtfully conceived central staircase. Crafted from steel and adorned with a matte red oxide paint finish, this staircase draws inspiration from Sunderland's rich industrial heritage while paying homage to local craftsmanship and fabrication. The distinctive color palette introduced by the staircase resonates throughout the building, visible in various finishes and joinery. Moreover, the bespoke task lighting incorporated in the project is reminiscent of the arc furnaces used in steel making, adding a unique touch.






Sunderland City Hall